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Brother Mfc J5845dw Scan Setup

Perform the initial setup of the printer to perform Brother Mfc J5845dw scan setup.

Brother Mfc j5845dw Scan Setup
  • Pull out the paper tray below the control panel of the printer.
  • Remove the cover from the Brother Mfc J5845dw scan setup tray.
  • The Brother printer can perform two different types of scans.
  • The photo scan
  • The paper scan
  • The photo scan has three different sizes,
  • (3.5”x5”)(9x13)
  • (4”x6”)(10x15)
  • (5”x7”)(13x18)
  • The photo stopper comes with three different sizes for each.
  • It is the photo stopper 1, Photo stopper L, and the photo stopper 2L.
  • Slide the paper guide for each of these sizes.
  • To perform a routine scan, load as many as 20 papers in the paper tray area of the tray with the printing surface facing down.
  • Loading more than the maximum number of sheets may lead to paper jams.
  • Adjust the paper guides along the edges of the sheets to fit the paper correctly.
  • ning is set up, refer to the following steps to set up your Brother MFC J5845dw to scan.
  • Place the top cover the tray and close it.
  • Slide the paper tray completely into the printer until it fixes appropriately.
  • Slide-out the paper support from the tray so that the scanned documents or photos can be loaded.
  • If the paper size is larger than A4, load the papers into the multi-purpose tray.
  • Pull out the paper tray using both hands until it fixes into place.
  • Slide the paper guides to match the paper’s width you are using.
  • If you slide the paper guides too tightly on Brother Mfc J5845dw scan setup, this may lead to paper folds and paper jams.
  • Flip the stack of papers a couple of times before loading it into the multi-purpose tray to avoid any paper jams.
  • If the paper is of A4 size or smaller than that, draw the paper support right below the paper tray until it locks into place.
  • Use the support flap from the paper tray if the size is more than A4.
  • The paper’s size can be changed in the settings menu available on the printer’s control panel.
  • Now that the paper loading for scan

OS is Windows

  • Load the Brother Mfc J5845dw scan setup window and select the name or the model number of your printer.
  • The control center will open upon selecting its option.
  • Select the Scan and File option in the configuration window.
  • The scan settings and the options like resolution, brightness, contrast, and other basic settings will be displayed.

OS is Mac

  • Click the System Preferences window and select the Print and Scan option.
  • Select the utility tab and click on the Control Centre application.
  • Select the scan to file option under the software tab.
  • Select your destination folder and the scan type. Click OK to continue.
  • For both Windows and Mac, load the document on your printer.
  • Select and press the Scan icon on the printer’s control panel and choose the Scan to PC option.
  • You have the choice of opting for a black or color scan before scanning the document using Brother Mfc J5845dw scan setup.