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Clean Brother Mfc J5845dw Print Head

The print head is a device that has a number of nozzles to spray the ink on the printing media to produce the required print. The printer uses separate Piezo print head for each ink; black and color There are two ways to clean Brother MFC J5845DW print head of printer.

Clean Brother Mfc J5845dw Print Head

From printer

  • Make sure not to touch the print head because this can cause more damage.
  • After switching on the printer, the home screen appears on the printer display.
  • Navigate using the navigation keys on the Brother MFC J5845DW printer setup control panel to select the Settings menu to clean Brother MFC J5845DW print head.
  • Following that, choose Maintenance from the given choices and then the Print Head Cleaning option.
  • Next, you need to choose the print head for cleaning; it can be only black or only color or all the print heads.
  • Then, select any one of the cleaning levels; Normal, Strong, and Strongest.
  • Press the Start button to proceed with cleaning the print head.

From computer

  • Open the computer settings or Control Panel (Windows) and go to the Printers & Devices menu.
  • Now, find the Brother printer model name in the list, right-click on it and select Printing Preferences or Printing Properties.
  • The printer software window appears, click on the Maintenance tab in the window.
  • Before cleaning the print head, load paper to the printer, check the print quality by selecting the Check Print Quality menu. The printer prints the print quality report.
  • Analyze the report, and if needed, go ahead to clean the print head.
  • Choose the Print head Cleaning option under the Maintenance menu, select the desired cleaning option, and click Next.
  • Select any cleaning level option and go next.
  • Then, click the Start button; the printer starts cleaning to clean Brother MFC J5845DW print head.